Friday, December 10, 2010


I am controlled by the words if and when..I am going to make it a conscious effort not to succumb to those very words..We battle every day..and i know one day..i will defeat those demoralizing words..focus..focus.My art is loud, dark, deep, silly, obnoxious, rambunctious and over bearing for some..but it screams to be seen, and enjoyed by those that need art..
"We are the Mind Control" 9x12 spray paint/acrylic/ink/paint pen
I love my supporters and i hope the love is there for me also...Its just i want more..more..more..Im not talking about money or fancy cars..Im talking about people all across the world, knowing who and what my art is to me and is truth, honor, greed, envy, disgust, love, angst, happiness and the list continues..true deep raw the end i cant stop..and wont stop..because i have this fear that i wont be remembered..i claim to make my stake..dig it deep into the ground and wave my flag..Im here and im not going anywhere..believe that..i am SKELE..

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